Deploying parastate testnet node. Tutorial

  1. First of all you have to decide where to rent server. In the offcial guide they suggest you Microsoft Azure D2s_v3. As for me I have chosen Digital ocean. There you can rent 2CPU, 8 GB Memory / 160 GB Disk + 500 GB disk for 90 USD per month.
  2. Next you should setup parastate node. As you can see from official guide there are 2 options: docker or manual installation. I chose manual in order to control all stages. In this case you can use offcicial guide, all stages are very detailed and will not raise any problems.
  3. Expose ports.
# Install subkey tool
curl -sSf | bash -s -- --fast
cargo install --force subkey --git --version 2.0.0 --locked

# Generate a mnemonic and see the sr25519 key and address
subkey generate --scheme sr25519

# Use the same mnemonic to see ed25519 key and address
subkey inspect --scheme ed25519 "<Your Mnemonic>"




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