Parastate. Deploy a Solidity Smart Contract on testnet


ParaState aims to become a Polkadot parachain that extends the frontier of Ethereum with substrate framework. By supporting 20+ programming languages to create Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, we can unite a larger developer community to boost the cross-chain interoperability.

Write Ethereum-compatible smart contracts in popular programming
languages, & run them much faster, on Polkadot.

A decentralized open source business model funded by developer
treasuries on participating parachains.


Deploying simple calculator smart contract to the test netowrk.

First of all add Parastate test network to metamask:

  1. Network name: Parastate testnet
  2. New RPC URL:
  3. Chain ID: 123
  4. Currency symbol: STATE

After that switch to the newly added network and create new wallet in metamask (you will be asked to import a private key for it later) and request test tokens here:


Go to and import your wallet with STATE tokens using your private key (could be exported from metamask).

Paste our smart contract code:

pragma solidity ^0.4.24;

contract Calculator {

int private lastValue = 0;

function Add(int a, int b) public returns (int) {

lastValue = a + b;

return lastValue;


function Subtract(int a, int b) public returns (int) {

lastValue = a - b;

return lastValue;


function LastOperation() public constant returns (int) {

return lastValue;



And compile it:

Now deploy it to the chain:

Wait for the confirmation of transaction:

After the smart contract has been successfully deployed, you can call its functions. Go to the Deployed tab.

Let’s interact with our smart contract:

Press Transact and wait till confirmation. After that press Call under the LastOperation and you will see the result:

The same way you can test all other functions. Super easy!

Thank for reading. Happy codding!


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